Healthcare should not be out of reach. Inspire action through Design.

AIGA Connecticut’s Healthcare4All initiative is about raising awareness and identifying action through design on why America should have healthcare—free or paid—for all Americans. Millions of Americans are skipping doses, taking less than prescribed, and missing out on life-saving medications and procedures because of a lack of access to affordable healthcare.

Join Milton Glaser, Alexander Isley, Bonnie Siegler, and others in designing for social change — non-partisan posters and social media visuals to engage the public with tangible actions that can help others find their voice in regard to healthcare. Download our handy template and begin creating your poster!


AIGA’s mission is to advance design as a professional craft, strategic advantage, and vital cultural force.

AIGA CT supports our design community through education, advocacy, and inclusion. We work to engage AIGA members, non-members, and anyone who has an interest in design. All are welcome to join us through our events, volunteer positions, and social engagement. Membership not required.

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